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Inner Battle

Posted on September 30, 2016 at 11:50 AM

"Shoutout to those fighting a battle that no one understands or knows about. Stay strong and keep going."

Psychology is interesting to me. Have you ever heard the term, cognitive dissonance? It is when we believe something is true, the less likely we are to believe that its opposite is true, even in the face of clear evidence that shows we are wrong. There is a disconnection between what we believe in our minds and what we experience in reality. I think that this effects us in life so greatly because no matter the facts, we've made a pre-conceived decision or perception of the situation in our minds. This already made belief may be what's holding you back from living in happiness. May it be that you have decided you'll never succeed, find love or peace. You see, by creating the mindset to fail, lose or not "win," even if opportunity knocked on your door for real love, commitment, success- you wouldn't be able to see it. You've built an image and choice in your mind of what that is, subconsciously. Today, I ask you to share with a good friend or spouse something that you'd like to have your perception changed on. Whether it is that all men cheat, you can't get into Med school, or whatever- hear yourself say it out loud and ask yourself, "Am I benefiting myself by thinking this?" Change starts within, my dear. We're all fighting inner demons, voices that tell us we're no good, not enough or need to do better. I'll tell you this, you're more than enough- you're the best. Go get em, tiger. I believe in you.

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