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Born to find it.

Posted on June 18, 2019 at 2:25 AM

I met a new friend today. She’s in her mid-twenties and shared with me the journey she’s on, which included dating again. I’m happy for her. She went through a tough breakup and felt like she didn’t know who she was. I mentioned to her that sometimes, some people, can bring out nasty sides of us that we don’t like. I’ve seen a side in my own self before that terrified me. That girl was weak, insecure and allowed to be walked all over. She was a giver and the person she was with was a taker. In the end, she gave and gave and got very little in return. Looking back, I realize the only reason that happened was because she, meaning I, didn’t know that self-love was ok to carry. Growing up, we viewed caring for ourselves, having confidence and putting our needs first as being “conceited.” I really, truly dislike that word. It caused me to stay in situations that weren’t good for me, solely because that’s what felt “right” to accept. Some days, I find myself trying not to show traits that in the past were looked down on and not appreciated- such as showing love and care. Now, I realize that my love, and possibly yours, isn’t for everyone. A funny thing happens when you meet someone who is right, someone who does deserve your kind of love. They not only “accept” who you are, but love you for simply being you. So, if you’ve loved and lost... don’t worry. No one can steal the love you’re born to find. Just stay patient enough to wait for it.

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