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Get the picture.

Posted on September 2, 2017 at 11:15 PM
"Many have an image, few get the picture." ❤️

The other day, a follower messaged me concerned with her inability to make friends easily. It got me thinking. We've come to live in a society where we believe the number of followers we hold determines the number of "friends" we have. It's far from the truth. If you were to scroll through your FB, Insta, Twitter, Snap, etc. list of friends- how many know your darkest secrets? How many know what makes you laugh, what makes you cringe or what makes YOU, you? Not many. I've always said I'd rather have one good friend than 100 fake ones. You can't put a price tag on someone who genuinely cares for you. I have a lot of good friends and then I have a handful of great friends and just a few best friends. Those people don't rate differently in my heart. I love them all. When you're young, you seek to find ways to fit in with the crowd but it's only as you age that you realize the odd ducklings were always the most beautiful. Shine from the inside out and the right people will come...and stay. Just do me a favor and never let anyone dull your sparkle, make you feel less than you are, or take advantage of your kindness. Be good to people...but better to yourself. #nonewfriends �� @leeniephotography

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