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Posted on October 14, 2016 at 2:10 AM


Each time you take their call, you're letting air in. Each time they disrespect you, hurt you and disregard your feelings- you vow you're done. You announce that you're moving on, but months're in the same mess. What does it take to be done? I think there's honestly no magic answer other than having no choice. I've been there. Taken someone back over and over and over again. I always wonder why no one around me told me not to. Seriously- no one told me that it was dead. I always wonder if they knew or that they, too, had hope that a miracle would happen. In my book, I talk about how I finally walked away. It wasn't by choice completely. After allowing someone so many chances, over and over again, I didn't realize I was basically aiding them to think a little less of me each time. You see, the more chances you give someone who clearly doesn't give a shit about your feelings- the less they respect you. They may say they do, but what have their actions shown you? Actions speak, babe. In my book, I say that it was the first time that I just accepted it and it was because I knew. They wasn't going to be the back and forth anymore and to this day, I'm SO beyond grateful that it ended that way. I'm so grateful for all that has occurred to help me know it's dead. You see, walking away isn't something that's supposed to be easy when you don't want to walk away. Get that out of your head. Walking away, having self-control and the will power to say no more is a choice only you can make to trusting that something down the line will be better for you. It's not supposed to feel good or right and you're supposed to want to try more- but when something is dead, you're just choosing not to see reality. That my friend, is suffocating yourself. Breathe.

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