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Posted on December 26, 2015 at 11:50 AM

Growing Pains

I can't believe the year is coming close to an end. I typically like to do my reflection of the year on these last few days and am fortunate to have the time. This year, like the last few has been challenging, but in a fabulous way. In result, I am wiser, stronger and better than I was. In short, I would say the greatest thing I am taking from 2015 is the ability to say I’m not afraid of hurting others anymore. This sounds awful, but hear me out. In the past, I often found that I would compensate my own feelings for the sake of others. I did this by doing things so they wouldn’t be uncomfortable, realizing that this cost me my own sanity. You cannot live your life for others- you HAVE to put you first. You will lose a lot of people along the way, you will hurt some and you will have to change. When I found a better business opportunity for myself, I took it by the horn without fearing of hurting my boss. When I found that certain people were bringing toxicity into my life, I removed myself from the situation. The old me wouldn’t have done this. She’d feel guilty. That’s not fair to you. YOU deserve anything you want in your life and the only way to have it is to go out and get it. I hope if you haven’t already found it, that you find what it is you need and you go and get it.

Happy Holidays, love. Here’s to a better you because if you’re not learning, you’re not growing.

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