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Battle Wounds.

Posted on March 13, 2015 at 1:55 PM

Have you read my book? I talk about Battle Wounds and the journey of healing and how it's not pretty. How you go through moments of sincere belief you're getting over it then feel your heart has shattered all over again. Healing is not something you just temporarily fix with a bandaid to stop the bleeding or hold it down so it doesn't bleed through. My God, if I did that- I would have never grown from the pain. I let that shit bleed out of me all the time. I cried, wrote, then cried some more- but I also became stronger.

 There'll always be a battle wound on my heart, but it's a scar that reminds me of where I've been not where i'm going. If there is someone you know who is healing, don't rush their process or let them skip steps. These growing pains will get them back on their feet again.

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