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Posted on March 2, 2015 at 6:25 PM

Grieving takes time and it's never smooth sailing. Grieving does not have a time frame and does not have an expiration date. There is no sudden moment that it's over or that you're done. The truth is you may never stop grieving because that's the price you pay when you love with your heart. The reality of grieving is tiresome because it hits you when you least expect it- like passing by something that had no significance of the person, yet missing them or the holidays.

Those tend to hurt most, but especially the random memories that pop in your mind and bring you back to a place and time. Missing someone who's gone hurts whether they're gone by choice or without- you miss them, who they were, the memories, the could have beens. It's ok to let those feelings come and let them move in and out from you so that you can feel the natural durations of grief. Because in the end, no matter how shitty things are or feel or seem, you know it'll go by - because it always does. Don't get lost in the pain. It'll come back, but the pain lessens each time. Promise.

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