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The price of freedom can be seen at your local VA hospital.

Posted on January 28, 2015 at 2:25 AM


Growing up, my parents’ restaurant was inside the same plaza as the Armed Forces center. I was quite shy in that I remember turning bright red whenever I saw a soldier in uniform. I was very naïve to their duties since I was so young, but I will never forget how sweet they were to me. At the time, I was far too young to understand the dedication, courage, and pride these men and women bestowed upon our country. My mother, however, encouraged me to greet, respect, and honor these men and women who stood taller than me. She insisted I shake their hands and no matter what they gave me whether it was a pencil, notepad, or keychain that I take it with pride and say “thank you.” I followed her demands. My mother has never been a “demanding” person to my brother or I, but my mom made one thing very clear to me from a young age. She taught me that freedom is not free. Somewhere, there is someone who gives us the freedom we so often take for granted. To my mother, saying “thank you” was such a small gesture in replacement of the heroic traits these soldiers accomplished throughout their journeys. Ironically, I’ve been surrounded by great friends who’ve been/are a part of the service and I’ve been fortunate to be reminded of the sacrifices they make. One of the greatest things you can do for yourself is finding something that you’re passionate about and getting lost in it. Despite others beliefs, I know that

“The price of freedom can be seen at your local VA hospital.”

How do I pay it forward? Sending packages to those oversea.

Find your passion and pay it forward.

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