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Shima Razipour

"Let your heart be your compass when you're should follow it wherever it may go..."

From a young age, I have found writing to be therapeutic when overcoming life's greatest challenges. When lost, I often emerge myself in nature where I am most inspired to write.

I realized early on the impact words can have on others and use them as a way to connect with others on a deeper level. After years of listening to friends and strangers, I have learned many valuable life lessons that have better helped me solve some of my own problems.

By sharing my own experiences, beliefs, and thoughts on everyday life issues, I have found a way to relate, support and understand other's obstacles.

I hope that my blog helps you realize your worth, find strength when you're weak, encourage you to reach your full potential and above all, know that you are never alone.

Thank you for the support & joining me as I explore new adventures. I hope that you seek to always chase the light as I have and do.

With love,


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