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Stand Tall.

Posted on February 22, 2017 at 12:50 PM

I recently received an email from a follower wondering/asking when to walk away from what feels like a dead relationship. This question is always challenging to answer, because I think we ultimately are the only ones who know when we're ready. Then I remember to ask myself, are we ever ready? There are some things you can prepare for in life, then there are other things that are just kind of thrown in your path and you can't just ignore them. They are roadblocks and effect the journey. I've learned that this is okay. It's ok to hit these roadblocks; almost necessary. I think what's difficult to grasp is that the things that are holding us from moving forward are the same people who once helped us feel free, happy and unstoppable. Yet, they're now in our way. It's even weirder how the person that once allowed you to drop your guard is the same person who gives you 100 other reasons to put it back up. You're going to hit roadblocks in life, but it should never be from someone on your team. Sweetheart, know your worth. Know what you bring to the table and remember what kind of person you said you'd never settle for. Be brave, be unstoppable and don't be afraid of taking the journey alone. A woman standing alone is not waiting for you to save her. Walk alone if you must, but never settle for less than you deserve because baby, you're worth it. #loveyourself #neversettle #mediocre #journey

Categories: Relationships, Makes You Wonder, Getting Through A Breakup.

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