Life. Moves. On.

"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about goes on."- Robert Frost


Crack in the window.

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"Let someone love you just the way you are-- as flawed as you might be, as unattractive as you sometimes feel, and as unaccomplished as you thnk you are. To believe that you must hide all the parts of you that are broken, out of fear that someone else is incapable of loving what is less than perfect, is to believe that sunlight is incapable of entering a broken window and illuminating a dark room...."

"...There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in."

Taking Chances.

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Throughout high school and college, I suffered from severe anxiety attacks when it came to #publicspeaking. I avoided it at all cost, even dropping out of classes to avoid my fears. I even had my therapist write a letter to my professors so that I could avoid them. (Extreme, I know) Nonetheless, I'm still working extremely hard to overcome my fear. I think that with anything in life, the more you avoid things..the more challenging they become. I think it goes the same for love. No matter how hurt you've been, you can't avoid love. The more you avoid it, the more difficult it becomes when you're confronted with the opportunity. For the longest time, when I'd date, I was like a wall. Guys would talk to me and I'd stare back with hardly any emotion. Truth is, I built a wall to guard and protect myself. Problem is that it did nothing for me, other than hinder me from possibly meeting a great person and even avoiding growth. I think that in life, you can't avoid the inevitable. You've got to put yourself out there and try more, because at the end of the day... what's going to happen, will. Showing up is the most difficult part, but you have to. #effort #growth

Flower Crowns

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When I was younger, I used to pick flowers at the park and make flower crowns with my cousin. We were just little girls with greater dreams than we could imagine. Sometimes we'd pick #dandelions and make wishes in hopes they'd come true. It's funny to me, now, that sometimes the things we wish and hope are merely fantasies that we've fooled ourselves to believing are dream worthy. As an adult, I realize that many of the things I once hoped for in a partner have changed. The idea of having a knight in shining armor sounds appealing, until you realize masculinity is not always defined in looks. It's in character- how one carries themselves, responds in times of hardships and most of all, above everything- how they ALWAYS treat you, despite what mood they're in. I see guys act out from anger and to me, it's the greatest sign of weakness. Seeing a boy hit, shout or belittle a woman is the greatest indication to me that he's not a man. Personally, no matter how much people "change," I can't forget what they've done. Call me unforgiving, but I choose to see that of all the flowers we can pick, why pick one that's going to leave us feeling rotten. You can only grow and become better with those who you surround in your garden, darling. No need to have relationships that will hinder your ability to reach the sunshine and grow.


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"Your worst battle is between what you know and what you feel..."

I genuinely believe we are often aware of the choices we're making and the consequences we will face before we've faced them. The difference is that we're keen on denying the truth as much as possible, that way we don't disappoint ourselves. You know when people say, "I told you so." It's tedious, right? Well, it's a little more frustrating when you hear it in your own head. So, to ignore it, we turn off the light bulb that goes off each time we feel intuition. We all have it, feel it and are aware of its purpose. Yet, too often, we blind ourselves to what we don't want to see so that we can focus on what we want to perceive the situation to be. In the end, we are only fooling ourselves. Whether it's rebounding after a breakup, lying about a heartbreak or not admitting to making a mistake- our conscious minds will alter our thoughts far sooner than any truth will


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"Repeat after me: My current situation is not my final destination."

Someone once told me, "If God keeps opening the doors for you, Shima, keep walking through them." It was so powerful and reminded me that often times we forget that we've overcome everything we've been through up until this point and we will continue to. Find the inner warrior within you when ever times are tough and remember your purpose. It is what will fuel your fire.

For you....never against you.

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Earlier this week, I went on a mini getaway. While in the desert, I met a beautiful lady. I didn't expect to meet so many people who'd inspire me, but I did. I met a lady who's 65 years old and has been married to her husband since she was 19. She was at the same resort as me, getting away after losing her mother just three days before. My friend and I let her vent to us, because we could see she not only needed it but she was a sweetheart. She told us how things have changed so much between her and her husband. Not because the love wasn't there, but illnesses affected both of them. They've been hit by nearly everything you could think of, but she said one assurance she always has given him is that she will always come back to matter what. However, after years of caring the ill, including her husband, mother and others- she found the value of taking care of herself. She told us that we have to and that's it's impossible to love another without first serving our own needs- especially our mental peace. I told her I was guilty of this in the past too- having given all my attention to someone who needed it at the time. It was challenging to change who I was- a person who always gave. Today, I'm a lot more selfish with my time, space and who I allow in my company. I think it's unfair to ourselves to carry the weight of the world without leaving room for us to grow. Your greatest chapters are the ones where you face yourself- your demons and the voices in the back of your mind. When you confront them, it's amazing what happens. Either you listen to them or drown them. I challenged both for a long time and the result thus far is a girl who's not afraid of who she is-flaws and all. It's a girl who's not afraid of looking forward and immensely grateful for the past. It's a girl who's realized with time that EVERYthing that has happened wasn't to her, but for her. My advice? Believe that everything that has or is happening to you is for your benefit. I promise there's no room to lose with that mentality. Now, go win.

Worth the fight.

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"When a woman stops arguing-you are no longer worth the fight."

- r.h. sin

I had lunch today with several coworkers and I asked the two men with us: "What's the key to marriage?" I'm always so intrigued to hear other's thoughts; especially when it's the opposite sex. Men and women think so differently. It's admirable to hear what bothers them and what doesn't, what keeps them happy and what doesn't. I told them one of the best lessons I've gained myself through past relationships and I'll share it with you. My personal best lesson has been that you can't want better for someone more than they want it for themselves. You cannot force, inspire, plead, cry or motivate someone towards finding within them that they're worth it. Sometimes, we see things in people they don't even see and sometimes we see others through rose-colored glasses. Thus, we often wait for people to change... which is not love. Love is not admiring another's potential. Love people for who they are, here, now.


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"You may not see it today or tomorrow, but you will look back in a few years and be absolutely perplexed and awed by how every little thing added up and brought you somewhere wondeful-or where you always wanted to be. You will be grateful that things didn't work out the way you once wanted them to..."

For the longest time, I knew my story, my experiences and my journey could help so many people and I wanted to share it. The problem is, Ive never been fully transparent to everything that happened or I felt along the way because I've been more concerned with how I'd make others look, how it would sound to some or what it meant in others' minds. It wasn't until I watched a video of a mother who said, "All my kids are mad at me right now. They're mad at me because I parented them. That's my job." Another time, I overhead a comedian express the fact that they too, realized that they didn't connect with their audience until they finally were honest about their divorce, upbringing, etc. The truth is, it is not my job to protect "them." It's my job to be honest and speak the truth so I can help others through MY experiences, and how can I do that if I'm withholding what I went through, how I felt and how I came in out of. Along the journey of becoming who you're meant to be today and tomorrow, you're going to take SO many detours and you're not going to be sure if some roads are the right ones. Know that it's no accident the places you've been, feelings you've felt, people you've met, lost, gained, and challenges you've surpassed. Today, I wanted to put myself in a friend's shoes so I can help them the best I can during a tough time. I wanted to remember what it felt like when I was there, but I couldn't remember the pain I once felt like I thought I'd never forget. Sure, I remember the emotion I felt- sad, but I couldn't feel it no longer nor could I express the feelings of it. To me, that was rewarding because you don't see that day coming or are aware it will ever happen when you're feeling so incredibly sad; but one day, someone will ask you about it, and you don't know how you got where you did, but it doesn't hurt like it used to.

Dodged It.

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"Sometimes you don't realize the bullet you dodged until you see someone else get hit by it. Thank God for the closed doors."

I love, love, love, LOVE full-circle moments. What I love even more is having knowledge and realizing that some information is just for yours to keep. Ladies and Gentlemen, I know what it's like when things feel like they're working against you or people have hurt, betrayed you. The only promise I can give you is to stay patient and itll make sense. It's advice I was once given but it's kind of hard to believe things until it happens for you. I've learned to value the journey more than the destination because you really don't know where you're lead, but if you can learn to sit in the current moment- even if is shitty, you'll appreciate it down the line when you're far from it. Growth requires pain and from it, you become 15x the person you were before...if you allow it to. Know that you're worth it- whatever that may be in your mind. Whether it's the respect of others, the apology, or even that they said they've regretted it. It's not about seeking those words for validation. I want you to move on from anyone who's belittled you as a person- but know that karma works in mysterious ways. Live your life free of anger, regret and sadness. Move forward in confidence and assurance and when things come full-circle, it's crazy how they don't even matter anymore. Why? Because you're 15x the person you were when whatever happened to you tried to "break" you.


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"I no longer have the energy for meaningless friendships,

forced interactions or unnecessary conversations.

If we don't vibrate on the same frequency there's just no reason for us to waste our time.

I'd rather have no one and wait for substance than to not feel someone and fake the funk."

Grateful to have come to a point in my life where I no longer feel the need to entertain the energy or maintain "friendships" with irrelevant people. When someone is no longer going to be a factor in your future, you find ways to diminish their presence in your life, especially when they add no value. They'll always be apart of what has shaped you, possibly made you, and affected you- but they no longer effect you and that's the beauty of growth. You leave behind toxicity and realize that your life is too precious to be anything but REAL. Don't settle for people who don't meet your standards of what is a good friend, lover, or spouse. You deserve 100% back what you give and it's ok to have high standards. You are who you spend your time with. You are who you allow in your circle. Love yourself so damn much that you only accept the best.