Life. Moves. On.

"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about goes on."- Robert Frost


Since becoming

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Since becoming a Realtor, I’ve been challenged in many aspects of my life. I am often expected to do things outside of my comfort zone, but they’ve only bettered me. If there’s anything I’ve learned through these years in the industry, it’s that opportunity doesn’t knock twice. Procrastinating is the #1 deal breaker and there’s no better time than the now. If something or someone or going somewhere is important to you, make it a priority today. Never settle for the mediocre, always go above what is expected, and be the change you wish to see. I promise you, things will begin to fall into place, but you have to show up first. #realestate ��: @leeniephotography

Be with you.

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Don’t ever doubt your uniqueness, your amazingness...your rarity. There’s a lot of people in this world, but there’s only one you. I’ve seen many women leave the value of their worth in the hands of people incapable of ever knowing what they’ve got. No one is going to come and rescue you...teach you your worth. Even if I tried, I couldn’t. It’s up to you to dig deep, find the traits that you love, and even the ones you don’t so much. It’s up to you the mend the pieces that are tangled and learn to love them for what they are...pieces of YOU. That’s what makes you beautiful after all. Know your worth, princess. Know what you bring to the table. Know that you’r


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Someone once told me, "If God keeps opening the doors for you, Shima, keep walking through them." It was so powerful and reminded me that oftentimes we forget that we've overcome everything we've been through up until this point and we will continue to. Find the inner warrior within you whenever times are tough and remember your purpose. It is what will fuel your fire. This Tuesday, keep in mind that, "If you are willing to do more than you are paid to do, eventually you will be paid to do more than you do."


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I wish more women knew that they didn’t need a man to define their worth. That they are enough. That being single doesn’t mean lonely or alone. I wish they could see what I see...someone who is simply beautiful. �� �� �� Ladies, please don’t think that because you’re single it defines who you are as a person. Being single is not a curse. Enjoy your journey...even if it doesn’t make sense today. But most importantly, learn to water your own garden and be nice to it. Water it with compliments, love, and nurture it as if it relied heavily on only your words. What would you say? The way you speak to yourself, your soul, prepares you of the kind of relationships you’ll allow in your garden. Remember, you’re a rose that’s rare and not everyone will see your worth. Some will fear your thorns and some will prefer a different color. That’s okay. All that matters is what YOU think of your garden. So, let me ask you again. How do you speak to your garden? Is it growing or in desperate need of TLC?


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Why do women stay where they are unappreciated? I think for multiple reasons, but most commonly because they feel embarrassed. Yes, embarrassed. Women are the sacrificing type- always have been. It’s also why women are born to be mothers...they give without expectation. This character they carry is so rare, so’s a woman’s love. It sees no boundaries that even where no path lies, they create one. For this, they tend to attempt over and over to make dead relationships come back to life. They give their all, even if it’s not reciprocated. Every women learns on their own time, though, when enough is enough and they must walk away. This is when they find their power and sometimes, they do it without option. They are forced to give up because the other person has already given up on them. I hope you never forget the beauty of your trying heart, but know when to walk away.

Mental Health

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"Yeah, you're attractive,

but are you good for my mental health?"

You don’t realize how heavy toxicity is on your soul until you’re far and free from it. By free I mean that you’ve spent some time alone to find yourself again. The other day, I tried #Reiki. I went to @santamonicahealing and decided to give it a shot. I’ve only heard good things about it and being the open-minded person I am, I always believe in giving things a chance. I was instantly welcomed and felt a great sense of energy being there. I was simply reminded with a hug, session, and some time listening to what my soul needed that I’ve come a long way. Yes, a long way. I used to take so much stupid shit in relationships because I thought that’s what you’re supposed to do. You’re supposed to be there for people through the highs and lows. You’re supposed to be their shoulder when times are rough. Well, guess what? Who’s say you’re supposed to do shit? Especially when it’s not being reciprocated. That’s the thing about a push-pull relationship. Only one person is giving and the other is pushing you away. You know what that does to a person’s mental health? It fucks them up. It makes them think that something is wrong with them for wanting to help, care, and give. Not everyone is ready for the love you give, but you know who’s always waiting for a little more? You. Your mind, your body, your soul. It may fight you, but with a little loving, patience, and giving...your soul will thank you for loving it like you’ve been trying to love everyone around you. My dear, so many people try to escape seasons of loneliness and as fall and winter roll around, please don’t feel “lonely.” If you are feeling sad or alone, feel it. Be in it. Until you feel like a masterpiece alone, you’ll never connect with people for the right reasons. Be the person you’ve been to others and watch how quickly you’ll grow. You come first.

Museum of Art.

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I talk to a lot of different kind of women everyday.

Over the years, I've learned the importance of being compassionate for people and where they are in their journey. I try not to get upset when I'm looking at a beautiful woman who's broken. I have to remember that maybe she hasn't gotten to the page in her book where she realizes what she has to offer someone and hasn't gotten to the plot of the story where her strength is regained. I sympathize with these girls...because I was once her. The women I'm talking about are not beautiful because of their beautiful skin, hair, eyes, or smile. No, they're beautiful because of their hearts. I think, if they're capable of loving someone so unworthy of their hearts....can you imagine what loving the right person will do to them? How differently they'll shine, how much value they'll bring to those around them, and how happy they feel. So happy that from the inside out, they glow. A lot of times, these women are simply a museum of art in a room full of losers who have their eyes shut...simply incapable of capturing their uniqueness and beauty. The truth is, I'm not worried about these kind of women. No, I never am. Because I know that a time will come where she'll remember who she is and the game will change. She's just got to keep looking until she finds what's within. ✨ #loveyourself �� @leeniephotography #optoutside


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One thing that allows my dog and I to connect is exploring together. We both deal with anxiety time to time and I've found that being surrounded by nature allows us to escape the chaos for a bit. Earlier today, a friend expressed the space she's in currently after an unexpected breakup. I told her that what has been helping me is remembering that feelings are like clouds. They never stay in the same place and if they do, it's not for a long. Eventually, they'll pass. If we accept our feelings, current situation and worries for what they are rather than what we wish them to be...our minds may feel more at ease. The truth of the matter is that if we sat in front of a busy street and pretended that cars driving by were the thoughts that play in our head and we had to watch each one as it passed by....can you imagine how crazy we'd feel? That's what anxiety can do to a person- feeling the need to control and understand every thought in our brain. Whatever you're going through today, I want you to know you'll be ok. Nothing lasts forever and what makes you beautiful is that you wake up every morning to fight the same demons that left you so tired the night before. If that's not bravery, I don't know what is. Head up, princess. You're going to be okay.

French fries

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I remember speaking with a friend several years ago who was dealing with a breakup. She told me, “I gave him my fries when he finished his and was still hungry.” She couldn’t understand for the life of her how someone she cared so deeply for could be so careless with her heart. Despite how much he’d hurt her, she still cared for his wellbeing and happiness. I told her that sometimes no matter the neglect, sadness, and hurt some cause us- some of us will always care. It’s just who we are and what makes us unique. Why would you ever want to change that about you? Your heart, it's rare. It's beautiful. Not everyone is capable of having those kind of own them. Be proud of them. Those people, the ones who wear their hearts on their sleeves are the ones I cherish. Because even though they don’t have to, they CARE to wish you well. The truth is, sometimes you have to meet those kind of people so that when you meet the ones with a heart of gold you can differentiate the two. I guess that’s what life is all about- taking chances and having faith in something greater. If there’s anything I have learned in my life that I feel has value for every person is to know what you bring to the table. Know what you can offer someone. Know these things so you never lose yourself to someone who treats you like you’re ordinary. You’re exquisite. Feel it. Believe it. Know it. And no matter what, never, ever lose yourself to someone who doesn't see it. Life is way too short to leave the key to your happiness in someone else's leave it to fries to make you happy. ���� #sundays


Wasted time.

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"Never let a confused man waste your time,

love or energy."

Not everyone will value your time, energy, space, and most of ���� Make sure whoever comes to you doesn't take the best parts of you when

they leave. You're worthy of something real, something true. It's ok to have standards to who's worthy of you.